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What RemoteTracker is?

Its a security system allowing you to control your Windows Mobile 5 or 6 based devices remotely, using any other mobile phone, sending SMS formatted messages. If your device has a built in GPS receiver, you will be able to use it in several commands.

What can I do with RemoteTracker?

RemoteTracker has a lot of useful objectives. The main objective is to track and find your device if you lose it or if it was stolen.
It can also be used as a security system for your car, to track your little son/daughter, to see where your truck drivers are and much more.
But remember, you can't remotely track anyone without their permission!

How much I have to pay to use it?

Nothing! It's free. You can make donations to help the project, but you are free to use it for any purpose without to be charged.


With RemoteTracker you will be able to:
- Locate your device using its coordinates from its internal GPS;
- See the path someone did with your device using Google Earth;
- See the information of device's "owner";
- Self Rescue (Anti Kidnapping) function;
- Lock/Unlock the device with personal message;
- SIM card exchange detection;
- Run installed programs or MortScripts files;
- Uses AppToDate to keep you with the lastest version;
- RemoteTracker can answer the commands using SMS, E-Mail or FTP;
- Localization based on Tower informations for non GPS devices;
- And a lot more...

  Why I will use remotetracker instead of others?

Because it's free, has more than 100,000 happy users and it's the most complete solution to control remotely any mobile device with Windows Mobile 5 or 6.
Also, it was designed to be used by any kind of people, from basic to power users, with basic and advanced commands.
Everything a basic user must know is to send a SMS. Power users can use advanced features, like the use of FTP servers.
Also, this project is implemented with users suggestions, making the complete solution with real needs. Take a look in our blog to see the complete changelog.

How it works? How can I use it?

It's pretty simple: using any other mobile phone send a SMS to your missing device. You can also send SMS from Skype or web sites.
This message must start with RT# (or RT2# for HTC HD2 users) followed by the command and parameters. Please go to the manual page to see details about the configuration and the use of RemoteTracker.
RemoteTracker will intercept any SMS started by rt# (or rt2#) and process the command you sent.

Self Rescue (Anti Kidnapping) Function

RemoteTracker has an one touch application to help you to preserve your own security. You can set up four mobile phone numbers and four e-mail addresses to be used when you have problems and need urgent help. Once started that numbers and e-mails will receive messages alerting you are need help. That message will have your name and the coordinates from the built in GPS or the current mobile tower your device is connected.

Using VNC, MyMobiler or any other Remote Control software

RemoteTracker gives to you the device's IP whatever it is and you can use that IP with VNC or MyMobiler to full control your device remotely.


You will need:
- Mobile phone with Windows Mobile 5 or 6;
- .Net framework 3.5 or above.

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Author: Joubert Vasconcelos