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  If you enjoy or think this project is useful for you, if you want, you can contribute in many ways:

With money

You can support this project making donations. You will use the easy, confortable and secure PayPal service.

With code

You can download the source code and make your modifications.
This project need VisualStudio 2008 and Windows Mobile 6 Standard and Professional SDK to be compiled.
Also you need to copy all *.dll from RemoteTracker installed in your device to your computer and change the References of the project to point to the new path.

With tests

You can contribute to create a stable version testing everything in the lastest version and create a bug report.
This report can be send to the forum or directly to the author by e-mail.

With translations

RemoteTracker is designed to be multi-language. The English and Portuguese packages are provides by the author, any other packages are provided by users.
To make your own translation you need to use a plain text editor, like Windows Notepad, Textpad, pspad, notepad++, vi, xvi, pico, etc.
Copy the files: english.html to <your language>.html and english.xml to <your language>.xml (portuguese.html and portuguese.xml, for example).
After that edit the new files and translate to your language. The files are HTML and XML and that kind of files have special formats and you can't translate the words between the < and > characters, because they are "commands".
The final step is add the new language to the index file languages.xml. Edit this file and add the lines below, before the last line:


Where XX is the next number available. Look the last number and add one;



Copy the files to RemoteTracker folder, start the Config application and go to Options/Languages. If your new file is not here you don't edit the languages.xml file correctly.
If you select the new language, but you still have the previous language being used, the new XML file is wrong. Try to open it using the Pocket Internet Explorer to see the problem. Remeber to use the windows-1252 encoding by default.

When you done, send the files to the author by e-mail.

With suggestions, reviews...

Feel free to make suggestions, reviews or find your own way to contribute to the project. Every help is welcome.

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Author: Joubert Vasconcelos